Our Sauces

Farmed #local, our collection of specialty pepper infused sauces will blow your mind.

Wether our Fat Farmer is picking his peppers or in our saucery slabbin’ up sauces, he does so with you in mind. 

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"Our Commitment To Flavor"

Our sauces are jam packed with intense flavor. The balance of heat to sweet is the mastery of our "Fat Farmer" who tastes each batch before it goes bottle up! Try our collection!
Fat Farmer Brands

Hot Sauces

Light it up from mild to brain busting wild! Our sauces will shock you with flavor and chase you with heat!

Our quality sourced, local grown, hand-picked, specialty peppers are the secret ingredient to the intense flavor of our sauces!

BBQ Sauces

We use the freshest, local-grown veggies in our sauce chutney to simmer our collection of heavy slab sauces to a thick rich consistency that will stick to your meat.

Our bbq sauces are tried and true for moppin’, slippin’, dippin’, or soakin’.

Gifts & Subscriptions

We have the perfect gift arrangements of sauces for your favorite daredevil!

Why not give yourself a reason to grill or have family dinner night with one of our saucy subscriptions? You should get on our Sauce Rotation! 

Our Pepper Collection

Just wait until you experience our specialty peppers! The flavors of our recipes matched with the quality of our peppers is what sets “Fat Farmer Brands” apart!

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